Now you are able to try this new upcoming sport of skibiking. The ski school ‘Altitude Snowsports’ is providing lessons with an experienced instructor who is also a member of the European federation of the sport!

Ski bike rules:

These rules are provided by the European federation of skibike

  • The rider must have complete control at all times, able to avoid obstacles and other skiers.
  • The rider must be able to display his skill to the managing director of the resort
  • Alway keep safe distance when overtaking
  • Don’t stand in the entrance of the ski runs
  • Always check for safe crossing where ski runs cross or merge
  • Always wear helmet and secure the bike with a sling or a rope
  • The design of the ski bikes has to comply with lift usage.


Ski Bike
Winter Sports Clothing
Helmet & Goggles

*If you don’t have any of the required equipment our store and rentals will cover all your needs

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There are specially designed ski bike routes near the chalet and the Cantine in Vathia lake.