The resort

Kalavrita ski resort is located on the northeast side of the Chelmos mountain range and 15 kilometers away from the village of Kalavrita. Our facilities start at a location known as Xerokampos and cover an area of 1.600k m2, including 8 lifts, 13 groomed ski runs ranging in difficulty with a total length of 25km. The base of the ski resort is situated at 1700m above sea level and the highest point, known as Neraidorachi, is at 2340m.

At Kalavrita Ski Resort you will find the biggest snow park in Greece, with opportunities for lift-off and  challenging features. Furthermore, our young friends are able to experience these amazing activities and have the time of their life in a dedicated park from PLAYMOBIL which is situated at the base of the resort.

With such a combination, Kalavrita Ski Resort is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece during winter time, combining breathtaking landscapes, endless view of the sea, competitive pricing and high level service to its visitors.

Our origins

The visionary and creator of the ski resort was Mr. Panos Polkas, the mayor of the village from 1974 until 1990.

His vision was always clear; “to provide the area with the means of economic growth along with job opportunities for the locals. Creating a bright future for the new generation and motivating the young workforce to stay in their hometown”.

With this mindset he got the idea to create a ski resort in the Chemlos mountain range, as this location had always drawn the mountaineering and ski crowd. Back then,  locals considered this idea not feasible and doom, with only a few believing in him and his vision, of a state-of-the-art ski center that would provide any kind of profit or even break even with the expenses.

The local myth says that the mayor during his first visit to the minister’s office waited a full 24 hours straight before he got his way to a meeting where he secured just 25% of the requested amount for project kick off. Following the standards set by such international ventures, he used all means necessary and founded in 1984 the first municipal enterprise in Greece. In 1988 the resort finally opened to the public.

Since then, Kalavrita Ski Resort has been a strong incentive for the local economy, helping the local communities grow substantially. New job opportunities were created and new businesses started popping up. Panos Polkas passed away in 2002 and our ski resort was honourly named after him.

1.730m – 2.340m


25 km

Groomed Run Length




Ski Runs