How to reach our location

Access using the main highway systems.

From Athens 189km

From Patras: 88 km

From the rest of Peloponnese:  up to 250km


Kalavrita Ski Center

Police department of Kalavrita

Kalavrita’s hospital

Public museum of kalavrita’s holocaust

Public mailing service ELTA

Citizen Service center

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    What do they say about us?

    • Jens Lindhe
      Super nice in the weekdays and bit packed on the weekends. The staff was very very very helpful. They really care for visitors and adjust lift speed for beginners and so on. An extra bonus and a sixth star to the "medic" facillity. The Doctor always standby in his little two stretcher cabin keeping the good spirit up with his occasional patients. A family "hill". Been there before and will come back.
      Jens Lindhe
    • Peter Yiamarelos
      Perfect for the whole family. Excellent long ski runs and lots of powder.
      Peter Yiamarelos
    • Giorgos So.
      One of the most beautiful ski centers of Greece! Organized with a lot of ski schools and ski equipment stores..You can enjoy your coffee..tea..light food..
      Giorgos So.
    • Abdo Jason Imseeh
      Small but has excellent facilities and infrastructure and the runs are actually long enough to enjoy for a weekend break. Some amazing views as well and excellent brewed beer and food.
      Abdo Jason Imseeh