A cozy place to be at 1700m

Located at the base of the ski resort, just a couple of steps away from the parking lot, is the perfect spot for people looking for quiet and relaxing moments. It is constructed from pure wood straight out of Finland and it overlooks the ski runs and the majestic mountain of Chelmos. It is for sure the perfect spot for you to enjoy a hot or cold beverage, snacks and even the meal of the day. Don’t forget to get a taste of our one and only ‘Mountain Ale’ beer.

Cantina is located right in the heart of the ski resort, at Vathia Lakka, 1900m above sea level. The outdoor space of Cantina is a meeting spot & a great place to relax, with views of the upper ski runs, the surrounding mountain tops and even the snowpark. The sun is shining strongly over all of you laying down on the comfy chairs. At the Cantina you will be able to find hot and cold drinks, along a wide range of snacks.