Suggestions for visiting ski resorts

1. For the safest and best service of ski resort visitors, it is recommended to seek information about the prevailing conditions in time from the Information office or the website of the Center, for:

  • The weather conditions.
  • The temperature.
  • The quality of the snow.

2.    In any case, the instructions of the Center staff must be followed.
3.    Protect your skin from the sun, with high sun protection.
4.    Use sunglasses with UV protection.
5.    Use clothing suitable for sub-zero temperatures, such as gloves, caps, hats, etc.
6. Pay attention to the weather forecast and remember that conditions can change very quickly on the mountain.
7. Respect the Rules of Proper Conduct for Skiers and Snowboarders (10 Rules of Skiing F.I.S.) link on the F.I.S page

General Instructions

Controlled ski slopes are defined by the Center’s existing markings with signs and stakes at their boundaries. Also, the tracks can be seen plotted on the CCC map.

The degree of difficulty of the controlled believers is posted on signs at their beginning, while it is also indicated on the CCP map.

In case of ski competitions, ski customers must follow the markings and instructions of the organizers and the Center.