The 4 seasons outdoor ski school is a fresh, friendly group of people specialized in the field of learning to ski.

The school is staffed by gymnasts, graduates of physical education "snow skiing specialty" members of the Panhellenic Union of Teachers and Coaches.

The School operates according to the French standards of the internationally renowned ESF school and applies the common methodology and teaching by all its teacher coaches.

A key element of the lessons, especially for children, is the positive feedback and the application of the pedagogical process during the lesson.

With our school you also have:

Discounted lessons on all ski buses 15% 9.00 am to 11.00 am and 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm, as well as to the owners of the all inclusive package.
Priority on the Hermes "beginner" and Achillea "three-seater" lifts accompanied by our instructors.
Book a place at our school next to the publishing houses, for the new children's playground at the base of Chalet 1750 and take your walk or ski carefree.

For course reservations and information contact the following phones: 6943120633, 6936712829, 2692029145